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There are some Pokemon that have deserved Mega Evolutions but did not get them. I wanted to open up a thread to discuss Megas you wish had been formed by GF with the entry of Gen VI and why. Feel free to include base stats, abilities, etc, keeping in mind that base HP never changes upon Mega Evolving.

Mega Hariyama
Base Stats: 144/160/85/45/85/65
Typing: Fighting/Ground
Ability: Iron Fist
New moves: Drain Punch, Shadow Punch
Why it deserves a Mega: Hariyama has always been nearly completely outclassed by Machamp and Conkeldurr, with the only real niches over them being a bit of bulk and Whirlwind. This would finally give Hariyama a chance to shine, at the cost of Leftovers recovery and abuse of its three good abilities.

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A fantastic offensive ability in Iron Fist, but no decent STABs to abuse it with, no priority, low speed, and not enough bulk to get away with his low speed. His only Iron Fist STAB is Shadow Punch, which has a pathetic 60 BP.

What I want to see one day:

Mega Golurk
Stats: Higher defenses to enable him to trade blows more effectively.
Typing: Ghost/Steel
Ability: Iron Fist
New moves: Shift Gear, Meteor Mash
Why it deserves a Mega:
Because it is a freaking super robot. Transforming into bigger and better forms is one of the most core, central themes of his heritage; he learns Fly for no reason whatsoever as a result of that theme, for crying out loud! Golurk deserves a Mega Evolution, with the stats and a better typing to back up the super robot theme, more than practically anyone else. It's a crime that Manectric got a MEvo and Golurk didn't, and the only reason I can sleep at night with the injustice is by reassuring myself that Gen 5 pokemon probably weren't considered for Mega Evolutions in this pass.
Mega Dragonite
Stats: Higher defenses and Special Attack to utilize Multiscale and its special movepool.
Typing: Dragon/Fairy
Ability: Multiscale
New moves: Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam
Why it deserves a Mega:
It is the original pseudo-legendary and the original Dragon. Why it got passed up for a Mega Evolution when Tyranitar and Garchomp got them is beyond me. Also, the theme for my Mega Dragonite idea is Puff the Magic Dragon, thus the Fairy typing. Dragonite could do really well with a Mega Evolution, without outclassing the original form, which would make the tubby orange dragon even more unpredictable. Fun times ensue.
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